Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the minimum acceptable period of stay?

    The minimum stay varies from one apartment to another and is shown under the Description section for each property. If you see availability in the calendar that is preceded and followed by another reservation but is less than the listed minimum stay, feel free to inquire for a shorter stay. In such cases usually a surcharge is added to cover administrative costs.
  • Will you hold a property if I show interest in booking it?

    We do not hold a property before receiving the reservation deposit. Once you express your interest in booking, we send you personalized reservation link that also makes it possible to pay the deposit securely via Paypal. Only when you make the payment before someone else does and after you receive a confirmation email from us, the hold/reservation takes place.
  • How do I secure a booking?

    We send you a personlized reservation link that indicates all details of your booking including the amount of deposit required to secure the booking.  Once you click the payment button and complete the paymet of the deposit via Paypal your booking is secured. The amount of deposit varies from one property to another. However, generally it ranges in 15% to 40% of the rent.
  • How do I pay the balance?

    The personalize reservation link also shows the method of payment acceptabile for payment of the balance.  If the balance payment method is in cash, please prepare the cash amount before you arrive at the apartment. Beware that most ATM's have a maximum daily withdrawal amount of 250 Euros. We recommend that you make arrangements in advance as we will not be able to check you in without the payment in cash, as well as the passport copies. We cannot wait at the apartment for too long and there will be an extra charge if your check-in process causes more than one trip for us to the apartment.
  • Do you require a security/damage deposit?

    Yes. The Security deposit will be returned to you given that no damage is made to the property or the items within the property. The security deposit is due at check in but may be paid via Paypal in a 30-day time window before your check-in date. Simply open your reservation page within that time to make the payment.

    If you pay it via Paypal, we will refund it within one day from your departure. Alternatively, if you pay it in cash we will refund it at departure after we check that there are no damages. If you pay the security deposit in cash, you will need to allow about 15 minutes for the
    person in charge of your check-out to inspects the apartment.  Please pack and keep your belongings outside the door and wait for the check out to complete. Then receive your deposit.
  • Can we check-out, receive the security deposit and stay for a few more hours?

    Unfortunately this is not possible due to the time needed to administer and prepare the apartment for the next guests. Check-out is the time that guests vacate the apartment, return keys, contact person inspects the apartment and returns security deposit (if no damages noted). This process takes about 15 minutes only. For example, please do not ask the contact person to come at 9:00 if you plan to leave the apartment an hour later.
  • What is included in the quoted rent?

    Final cleaning after your departure, one set of 2 towels per guest, one set of sheets per bed, utilities, and taxes. If you would like additional maid services or linens please let us know so that we quote you the fee accordingly and make arrangements prior to your stay.
  • Is weekly cleaning included?

    In all properties the final cleaning which takes place after you check out, is included. Mid-stay cleaning for stays of longer than ten days are included in some but not all properties.
  • Do you accept payment in Dollars or Euros?

    We price rents in Euros and accept payment only in Euros.
  • Why nightly rate is higher for shorter stays?

    There are fixed basic costs associated with each stay no matter how long it is. Such as cleaning and linen service, greeter and administrative attendance fees.  Therefore, for example a 7-night stay is a better value than a 3 or 4-night stay because there are fewer days to spread those costs.
  • Is there any discount for long stays?

    Yes, for most of our properties we apply a discount for long stays.
  • When is high and low season?

    High season typically starts in March and ends at the end of October. Low season is from November through mid March, and August except holiday weeks.
  • The number of people will change during our stay. Is it possible to have a quote based on the number of people for each nights ?

    No. The rent is calculated based on the maximum number of people in your party even if there are fewer persons in some days.
  • Do children stay free of charge?

    It may vary from one property to another. Some owners do not charge extra for children under 2 years old, while others may have this policy for children under 6.  Usually any child that sleeps in a bed are included in the total guest count. Age applies to your dates of stay, not the date your reservation is made.
  • Have you inspected all of the properties you represent?

    Yes, we personally inspect each property and take pictures so that we can give you an accurate idea of what to expect. We do not accept presenting properties that do not meet our standards. Many rental agencies advertise a large number of rentals, with descriptions and photos provided by the owners and managers who often omit information that may be very important to you.
  • Are the beds comfortable?

    This is a hard question to answer. Everyone has their own taste and opinion on this matter!
  • Is the property in a noisy neighborhood?

    There will be some noise in the center of any historic city caused from motorcycles, cars, delivery trucks, and people. If a bedroom faces an inner courtyard, it usually means that that room will be more quiet for sleeping. You may hear some noise if a bedroom window overlooks the street but that depends on the type of windows installed too. However, a few of our properties are nearly noise free being completely located in the back side of the building condominium and having a private back yard.
  • What is the issue with electricity usage and power shut down?

    The Italian electric power consumption regulations place a limit on using electricity per each apartment at a given time. Therefore, using several electric appliances at the same time results in circuit to shut down. A proper and correct use of electricity is environmentally friendly and helps to conserve energy resources. The electric company imposes surcharges where the electrical capacity in the entire domicile exceeds three kilowatts (16 amps). Three kilowatts is not enough to run two power-hungry electrical appliances at the same time, such as a dishwasher and a hair dryer. This is a very common occurrence. The best way to prepare is to limit your electrical usage.
  • Is the property stocked with paper products, condiments, soap?

    There is usually toilet paper to last a few days, hand washing and dish washing soap, salt & pepper. you will still need to plan a shopping trip fairly quickly to purchase other essentials you may need.
  • Can we control the heat in our apartment?

    In most properties you can control the thermostat. Please ask at the time of check-in. Based on the Italian energy consumption regulations heat cannot be turned on, by law, before November 1 or after March 31. Also, most buildings turn down the heat in the middle of the night. The same law prohibits setting the thermostat over 25 degrees Centigrade. We recommend you come prepared with proper clothing in the event of a cold snap during spring and fall.
  • What is the earliest time we can check in?

    Our standard check-in time is from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM and by appointment only. The only way we can guarantee an early check-in is to book the night before too so that it will be possible to check-in as early as 9:00 am. If the property is not booked the night before your arrival we will be happy to accommodate you as soon as you arrive.
  • Is it easy to keep a rental car while staying in Florence?

    We recommend using public transportation because driving and parking in Florence is not quite convenient. Please note that there are many parking restrictions in the historic center which prohibits off street parking.
    However, there are several parking garages in the historic center and driving through certain routes are permitted to get to those garages. The cost of garage varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. It would be between 25- 45 euros a day per car or 2 to 4 euros per hour.
  • Can we drop our luggage off at the apartment if we are arriving earlier than check-in time ?

    Unfortunately we don't have enough personnel available to let you in to drop your luggage off at a different time other than at check-in time. Also if cleaners are doing their job putting lots of luggage in the middle make their work very difficult and slow. If your luggage becomes bothersome for you before check-in we recommend checking your luggage at the train station's Luggage Storage Office until your check-in appointment.
  • How do we receive the keys?

    After you book an apartment we will send you a confirmation link that contains many useful information, including e-mail and phone number of your contact person. You must inform your contact person at least 24 hours in advance to communicate your arrival time and arrange for a time to meet for check in. S/he will receive the rent balance plus the security deposit, familiarizes you with the apartment, and provides you with the keys.

    At check-out, the contact person will arrange to meet you the morning of your departure to obtain the keys, inspect the apartment and return your Security deposit.
  • Why does the contact person need a copy of my passport?

    The passport copies are required by immigration regulations for registering your presence in Italy.
    We recommend bringing the copies of the photo page of each guest's passport with yourself because our properties do not have copy facilities in them. Please note that the copies are not returned to you as the owners have to give them to the local police together with a completed form.
  • Can we depart after the indicated check-out time?

    Unfortunately this is not possible because the schedule of our collaborators and cleaners is set in advance. Therefore, they can not come at another time as they need to attend other properties.